Everybody would like to have their physicist in their own back yard.  Unfortunately, that is difficult to do unless you have an office in every city and town.  Although we would like to, we are not at that point yet.  However, AMP will provide services almost anywhere in the United States, but in some instances we may call on some special help to give us a hand.   Some of the people we network with are:

Diane Elmer, MS DCHP,DABR      Springfield, Illinois

Travis Painter, MS DABR               Lexington, Kentucky

Jessie Abazid, MS                          Cleveland, Ohio

Leonard M. Borrelli, MS                  Cleveland, Ohio

Lindsey Magnelli, MS                      Cleveland, Ohio

James O'Donnell, MD                     Cleveland, Ohio

Tom Verdon, MD                            Conifer, Colorado

Paul Early, DABR, DABSNM          Maple Springs, NY / St Simon's Island, GA





People We

Associate With

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