When you are considering IAC Nuclear/PET Accreditation for your laboratory, you should also weigh the dedicated time that must be involved in the application process, which, although not all inclusive, contains the following:


?    Review of the Essentials and Standards

?    Making modifications in clinical practice for compliance with imaging and professional organizations, such as ACC/AHA and ASNC guidelines

?    Updating of present protocols and writing new procedures and protocols required by IAC Nuclear/PET

?    Making copies of required procedures and protocols for submission with the application

?    Completion of the application

?    Preparation of case studies for submission to the Core Laboratory for evaluation


The IAC Nuclear/PET consultant from AMP will work very closely with your Technical Director in acquiring the necessary information and data to complete the application and alleviate the challenges involved in the accreditation process. The dedicated time to prepare the application by your staff member and the likely lost revenues could reach tens of thousands of dollars because of the time and unfamiliar requirements of IAC Nuclear/PET. AMP can assist your laboratory in meeting the standards of IAC Nuclear/PET and expediting the application process.

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AMP also offers semi-annual visits to assist in the maintenance of commitments made in the application and IAC Nuclear/PET's Essentials and Standards. This is followed by a summary report compiling the findings and offering suggestions to correct any deficiencies. AMP'S IAC Nuclear/PET consultants are available by telephone and written correspondence for problem solving. Please review how a sample contract would read.


Contact our office and as to talk to someone about assisting you with IAC Nuclear/PET.  We would be glad to discuss it with you.

IAC Nuclear/PET


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