Nuclear Medicine Services


Associates in Medical Physics, LLC, (AMP) can supply the following services:


Assist in the preparation of new, renewal, or amendment application(s) for NRC and/or State Radioactive Materials License (excludes teletherapy). This includes assistance in the preparation of new, renewal, or amendment application(s) for a State Radioactive Materials Registration, as applicable.

Aid in keeping all pertinent Radioactive Materials License(s) current (excludes teletherapy).

Provide consulting and reference assistance for installation of a radioactive materials laboratory according to NRC and/or State Regulations.

Assist in establishment of a radiological health program and record system in accordance with NRC and/or State Regulations.

Assist in maintenance of current NRC and/or State Regulations.

Offer in-service education and annual review programs to technical staff as requested and which coincide with routinely scheduled audits.

Advise in selection of equipment and supplies to achieve maximum economy and service.

Will perform Wipe/Leak Tests on sealed sources semi-annually.

Calibration of survey meters, usually on an annual basis.

AMP will visit your facility, usually quarterly to:

Offer consultation on problems pertaining to your Radiation Safety Program.

Perform quality assurance evaluations on scintillation camera(s), rectilinear scanner, uptake probe and well detector units, as time and patient schedules permits.

Perform geometry, accuracy, constancy, and evaluate activity linearity checks on dose calibrators, as required by License condition or application Regulation.

Review record system (e.g., radioactive materials shipment, receipt, use and disposal) for NRC and/or State license or Regulatory compliance, counting and handling procedures for proper techniques, and health physics program to assure continued safe management of radioactive overexposures.

Film badge records will be reviewed and action recommended in case(s) of apparent overexposure.

Survey facilities for possible contamination or excessive radiation exposure levels.

Lecture on nuclear medicine techniques and radiation physics, as requested, if arranged to coincide with routinely scheduled consulting visit.

Attend Radiation Safety Committe meetings or Staff meetings, if arranged to coincide with routinely scheduled consulting visit.

Inventory sealed sources as required by License condition or Regulations.

Available during normal business hours for consulation by telephone or letter, unless other coverage arrangements have been made.

Available at other times for consultation by special visit. Fees for special visit will be negotiated with due consideration given to the type of service and possible travel expense to be incurred by AMP.

Provide a formal typewritten report of the routinely scheduled on-site audit, or special visit consultation.


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