Regulatory Issue

How to Find and Complete the FedEx Dangerous Goods Shipping Paper

Click on the following link:

• Click on "Resources" tab about 1/3 of the way down and in the middle of the web page

• Click on "Tools to Help You Ship"

• Select "Declaration Forms"

• Scroll to "Shippers Declaration for Black and White Printers"

  (Note: if you have a color printer, select that option.)

• Select either PDF or Word format

• A disclaimer appears; read and click "accept"

• If you selected PDF format, the form appears. In a pdf reader-only program, you may not be able to save the completed form. Under these conditions it is recommended that you print a test sheet on plain paper before using the red hash mark paper provided by Eckert & Zeigler (or other source manufacturers). If you have a pdf read/write program you may be able to save the filled in form. If you have a color printer there is an option to select this and you should be able to print the form with the red hash marks on plain paper.

• Note: if you select "help" directly below the format options, a very useful instruction sheet is provided.







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