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AMP has recently had a few conversations with accreditors about site inspections.  They felt that the MIPPA regulations do not necessarily mandate there be a surprise site inspection.  But, the accreditation providers need to ensure the facility is operating in compliance with their commitment.

An excerpt from the MIPPA regs states, "Whether the organization uses random site visits, site audits, or other strategies"  and seems to indicate other avenues for site evaluations can be done.  Other mechanism might be written correspondence or possibly direct communications with the site without having to be on the premises.  Information could be reviewed or copies forwarded for confirmation of compliance by this mechanism.

No inquiries will start on this issue until January 1, 2012 so no precedence has been seen to indicate the direction this might take in the near future.

It would also be beneficial to review ‘‘(3) CRITERIA FOR ACCREDITATION.—" on the second page of the attached link.





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