Podiatry Services for Facilities That Utilize Radiation Generating Equipment.


To ensure proper radiation protection to the surrounding areas and to the operator many state regulators, usually associated with the state Department of Health, require a pre-installation structural shielding calculation to be performed by a physicist.  The purpose is to evaluate the room design.  If not required it may be recommended. Usually the evaluations are done upon a new installation or after any change in the x-ray unit.  The purpose is to evaluate the structural shielding based on work load to see if the new or changed unit might cause a significant dose of radiation exposure to the workers or the public.  Usually the shielding calculation needs to be kept on file so it can be shown to an inspector upon request. 


After the shielding calculation is done and the construction/installation is completed it is not uncommon to require a radiation area survey.  This needs to be conducted by a qualified individual.  The purpose is to confirm shielding was properly installed, is providing adequate protection and does not contain any “leaks” that would be unacceptable.  A record of the survey is generated and is usually kept on file as well. 


Often the shielding calculations and various surveys may be required prior to patient use.  However, it is not uncommon for the practitioner to overlook or not be aware of this requirement until it is caught during an inspection by the state.


AMP can provide the shielding calculations in radiation or surveys as needed.


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